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Racad Tech Announces New "Do It Yourself" Web To Print Wordpress Plugin

Posted by Racad Tech on 20 November 2015

Racad Tech is pleased to announce the release of their W2P Shop - uDRAW plug-in for WordPress. The release of version 3.3.31 coincides with their publicly available version directly through Wordpress at https://wordpress.org/plugins/udraw/. The release allows web-savvy and economically conscientious printers to integrate a flexible and affordable web to print solution.

The plug-in, publicly available on WordPress, gives printers unprecedented control over the web to print capabilities of their website. The plug-in is easily installed on any WordPress / Woocommerce-based website, eliminating the need to purchase an expensive or complicated web to print website or web to print software.

This web to print plug-in has empowered Racad's print customers with more control over their web to print solutions and technology investments. The flexibility of the plug-in is creating a shift in the way print related technologies are created and adopted. Print businesses are no longer boxed in by the limitations of technology. With this solution, you have the option to pay for only the components you need, rather than all the unnecessary bells and whistles of an over-architectured solution.

The plug-in has been successfully in use for several years as a serviced solution to Racad's existing client base. Jonathan Watt, the owner of Copy Cat Express, a copy and print shop in Kingston Jamaica, and one of the earliest adopters of the technology, is extremely satisfied with the solution. "The addition of the uDRAW plug-in has been great for my website and the folks at Racad have been extremely responsive when it comes to input from me and my staff which is quite comforting given the essential role that my website plays in my growth and success," he says.

The plug-in is one of many steps Racad has taken to propel advancement and innovation within the web to print and create a shift in the standard that technologies are accessed and applied. The end result will be solutions that are affordable, advanced and flexible.

If you're interested in learning more about Racad Tech's latest web to print solutions for your business, call (800) 944-0875 orcontact us.

Author:Racad Tech