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Racad Tec's W2P Expert to Present at AATCC & SIGA's educational conference, Digital Textile Printing: The futrue is Now

Posted on 15 November 2016
Reuben Quesus, the Director of Business Development at Racad Tech, was chosen as one of seventeen print industry experts to present at AATCC and SGIA's uniqueeducational conference, Digital Textile Printing: The Future is Now.

The conference is to be held December 6-7th at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham, North Carolina. This two-day program will feature only the print industry's most renowned figures to go over the all the latest technologies and business innovations that pave the future of print.

The presentation, titled, "Designing for Digital What Can You Do?" will focus on the ways to leverage open source technologies to accomplish web facing portals for ordering and online designing technologies.

"The perspective that we bring to the table will be eye opening to someand very disruptive to others," Reuben said. "By exposing the possibility of developing homegrown solutions from the open-source world, businesses will realize that they have more control of their web properties than they did previously."Backed by focused research and years of experience providing advanced web-to-print solutions for the print industry, Reuben and the specialists at Racad Tech haveequipped a countless number of businesses with cost-effective technologies that are advanced and flexible enough to meet any demand.The W2P Solutions presentation by Racad Tech will educate print businesses how to be more competitive in the web space by unraveling much of what there is to know about open-source solutions:
  • General Market Statistics
  • Ordering Processes
  • Defining Traditional / Proprietary W2P Solutions
  • Introducing Open Source Solutions
  • Listing The Advantages / Disadvantages of OS vs. Proprietary
  • Introducing Open Source Options & Features
  • Open Source Statistics
  • Practical Examples

As a member of the SGIA and a forerunner of advanced web-to- print technology, W2P Solutions by Racad Tech is making it their mission to help push the printing and imaging industry forward with up-to- date technology. Reuben hopes the presentation will deliver a wealth of understanding and inspiration for conference registrants to take back to their businesses.

"Technology is always advancing," he adds. "And I hope everyone will come to understand just how that makes things things more affordable for smaller businesses with minimal budgets to compete with the giants."

If you'd like to learn more about the conference, come and check out the official page at AATCC LINK: http://www.aatcc.org/evnt/digital-printing for everythingyou need to know from program timetable to hotel accommodation.