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Racad Business Development Director to Present at 2016 SGIA Expo this September

Posted by Racad Tech on 13 April 2016

At this year's SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, Reuben James, Director of Business Development of Racad Tech, and developer of Web to Print Shop, will be speaking about how open source innovations can be leveraged in the web-to-print industry, and the implications for businesses and consumers.

Reuben's presentation, titled "Leveraging Open Source Technology for Web-Based Garment Design & Ordering," will focus on how custom designing and ordering garments and other print materials is aided by innovative open source technologies coupled with advanced web-to-print technologies.

The talk will focus on best practices, the risk and benefits of an open source platform versus the traditional proprietary offerings in the market today in the areas of time, costs, security and other essential factors. This talk promotes technological advancement in the web to print space and allows affordable investment by small and medium-sized businesses that are on a path to growth. This is consistent with Racad's business practices, which put the focus on helping printing businesses flourish in the web to print sphere.

The SGIA Expo is a prestigious annual event within the printing industry that brings together the industry's brightest minds. The SGIA Expo hosts a wide array of presenters, exhibitors and print industry professionals looking to share information and learn about the newest, most innovative technologies in the printing and imaging industry.

Racad Tech is the innovative company behind popular web-to-print solutions including Web to Print Shop, GOePower, GoPrint2, uDraw, and Online Sign Studio with features that include:

  • Corporate branded web to print portals
  • Ecommerce web to print storefronts
  • Wordpress plugins compatible with existing websites
  • Other third party integration with existing website
  • An in-browser graphic designer with web to print capabilities
  • FTP, email and print driver based solutions
  • Variable data printing
  • Multi-location job routing
  • Customizable order production
  • Online price calculator and estimator

Learn more about the exciting new solutions available through Web to Print Shop at WebtoPrintShop.com.

Author:Racad Tech