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GoPrint2 Launches Terminal Server Version, Dillner's Accounting Tools

Posted by Racad Tech on 21 July 2016
GoPrint2 Launches Terminal Server Version, Dillner's Accounting Tools

(Toronto, Ontario) July 14, 2016 GoPrint2 launches terminal server version of their PDF Print Driver for Dillner&'s Accounting Tools, Inc. Dillner's Accounting Tools, Inc. is a technology company based in Westminster, Maryland, that provides software and support to accounting firms for their multi-client processing. Accounting firms can send password-protected financial documents to their clients and perform multiple accounting functions through Dillner's portal. GoPrint2 was incorporated into their system in order to expand their capabilities and improve their market competitiveness.

GoPrint2 is a web-to- print solution designed and developed by Racad Tech. It was originally created for the graphic arts industry in order to give print service providers the necessary tools to ensure that their customers can send files, regardless of the size, quickly and easily in a print ready format. It is a customizable web-based solution and PDF driver that can complement any system. It is applicable for law offices, libraries, schools and universities, and any company or institution that has in-plant operations.

In 2007, GoPrint2 was custom fit into Dillner's system in order to enable its accounting firm customers to send and print documents to their clients from any software such as Quickbooks, etc.Recently, a new version of GoPrint2 was developed for terminal servers. In this case, GoPrint2 was installed diretly into the terminal server, allowing multiple users to smultaneously use the program.
GoPrint2 now supports Windows Terminal Server. Dillner's is the first company to use this. The terminal server version accommodates the needs of a growing number of accounting firms that are switching to
cloud servers.

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Visit Dillner's Accounting Tools, GoPrint2 and Racad Tech's websites for more information.

Author:Racad Tech