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Volume Discounts

A volume discount is a discount based on the quantity of items purchased in a single shopping cart transaction.

You can create a new volume discount rule by:

  1. Clicking on the Volume Discounts tab within the Shop Settings section of thewebconsole.com
  2. Click the "Add New Volume Discount" button.
  3. Give the rule a meaningful name and click "Save". This will then take you back to the discount page.
  4. Next edit the discount you just created and click on the "Add Discount Rule" button.
  5. You can then fill in the fields by entering in the lower and higher quantities, and the percentage or value of the discount the client will receive and then click "Save".
  6. If you want to add another range, click on "Add Discount Rule" and repeat step 5.
  7. To have the rule take affect on a product, you have to edit the product/s that you want to have the Volume Discount rule for. Go to Shop Inventory > Products and edit a product. Find the tab "Additional Details" and in there you will see a drop down option for "Volume Discount Rule"  Choose the discount rule and save. 
You have now added a volume discount to a product.

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