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Understanding shop emails

There are a few types of emails that you can control for your shopping cart. They include:

Your Emails 

You have the option of being alerted by email every time an order is made or paid. You can have these email alerts sent to you either instantly or on a daily basis (i.e: if you select to receive the email on a daily basis you only get one email with all orders for the last 24 hours). You can set up or change your preference by:

  • Clicking on the "Shop Settings" menu item on the left
  • Navigate to the "General Settings " tab, and you will see 3 fields to set up for the emails to work.
    1. Email My Orders - Set this drop down option to either send Instant emails or Daily
    2. Email My Orders When - You can select to have the email sent to you if an order has been paid for or if an order has been made.
    3. Email My Orders to - Add your email address to the text field of where you would like the email alerts to be sent to.

Shop Emails Sent to the Customer  

  • Shop Order Paid - Once the payment has been confirmed for a certain item, this email will get sent. You can change the payment status in the "Shop Orders" section of thewebconsole.com by selecting (ticking the box on the right of the order) the item that has been paid for and selecting the button, "Payment Status" and changing it to "Paid". Note: If the payment is made on your website (not a third party one) the payment status will automatically be set to "Paid" by the system.
  • Order Shipped - Once you have shipped the order, an email can automatically go out alerting the client it has left. This can be done manually by selecting the "Shipped" option by clicking on the "Status" button in the "Shop Orders" section.
  • Order Waiting
    If the customer has made an order but not paid for it, the system can automatically send the client an email. The purpose of this email is to encourage the customer to continue finishing their order. For instance you could include a discount code in it.

Creating These Emails

For each of the above emails, we have templates that you can use. You can access the system by clicking on the "Shop Emails" tab in the "Shop Settings" area of thewebconsole.com

The page is divided into Active and Inactive system emails. The only emails being sent out will be the "Active System Emails".

To create a new "Active System Email":

  1. Click on the Edit Button next to the Email Type you want to prepare. You need to edit the email first, as it will be sent as soon as it is Active.
  2. Within the email, you can select to use custom/dynamic fields to use in the email, eg: Customer First Name, Order Code, or Invoice Link etc. You do this by clicking on the "Insert a dynamic field" icon in the editor. universalkey.gif. Click on the "Save" button when you are happy with your email.
  3. Once you are happy with the email, select the drop box in the "Add New Email" Form, and Click "Go".
  4. This will add it to the List of Active Emails. You can disable (make inactive) the email at any time by clicking on the "Disable" link next to the email.

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