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Adding Products to your Shopping Cart Inventory

Products can be added to your Shopping Cart and organised into Brands and Categories to allow users to search through the website easily to find the right product.

To Add A Product:

  1. Click on Shop Inventory when you are logged into your Website account.
  2. Click on the Add Products tab.
  3. Basic Details:
    • Product Name - The name of the product
    • Product Type - Choose from Physical Product if it is to be delivered to the customer or Downloadable Product if it will be purchased then downloaded from your website.
    • Product Visibility - Set this to Offline if you don't want the product to appear on your website. This is useful for when you temporarily want to remove the product from the site without deleting it.
    • Featured - You can feature this product by ticking this box.
    • Product Code - If you have unique product codes, type it in here.
    • Short Description - This will appear at the top of the product page, right next to the main product photo.
    • Keywords - If you Shopping Cart has a search feature, enter the keywords for this product here.
    • Brand - Select the product Brand. If you've already added the Brand into your Shopping Cart, select from the drop down menu, or Create a brand to add a new one.
    • Categories - Select the Categories you want this Product to appear in.
  4. SEO Details
    This will allow you to optimise your Product page for Search Engine Optimisation, improving the visibility of your Product on the Internet.
    • Page Title - The title of your Product.
    • Meta Description - The description of your product. This will appear under the title in a search engine result.
  5. Purchase Details
    • Default Price - The price that the Product will be sold for in your Shopping Cart.
    • RRP Price - The price the Product is usually sold for.
    • (Other Custom Pricing Fields) - If you have added any extra Price Lists in the Shop Settings tab, they will appear here.
    • Taxable Product - Tick this box if the Product is taxable.
    • Minimum Purchase Quantity - The smallest quantity that can be purchased.
    • Maximum Purchase Quantity - The largest quantity that can be purchase.
    • Product Variations - Sometimes your products may have variations available, such as colours. If it does, select "This product has variations." To create the different variations, you must then click on Manage product variations.
    • Stock Option - You can keep track of your stock levels by choosing "Use Product Stock Levels" here and entering in your Current Stock levels, as well as the Alert Stock Level. When your stocks reach the Alert Level, you will be notified. 
    • Custom Fields - You can create custom fields associated with Products, for instance, the message in a gift card if you are a hamper supplier. To create a Custom Field, select  "This product requires custom fields" then click on "Manage custom fields".
    • Volume Discount Rule - You can create discounts for bulk purchases here. Either choose from an existing Volume Discount Rule that you have created, or add a new one by clicking on "Create a rule"
    • Item Discounts - Select any discounts that apply to this product by checking the boxes. You create new Item Discounts in the Shop Settings Tab.
  6. Shipping Details
    • Weight - The weight of the product in grams.
    • Length - The length of the product.
    • Width - The width of the product.
    • Height - The height of the product.
  7. Extra Information
    • Features - The features of this product. This appears on the Product page.
    • Description - The description of this product. This appears on the Product page.
    • Additional Information - Any additional information relevent product. This appears on the Product page.
  8. Select Return to this page.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Scroll down to Product Images
  11. Click on Browse to upload the main image for this Product.
  12. Select the Auto-Resize Image box if you want thewebconsole to automatically resize this image to fit the default image size.
  13. Select the Auto-Create Thumbnail box if you want thewebconsole to automatically generate a thumbnail image based on this image. Alternatively, click Browse to upload your own thumbnail.
  14. Select the Auto-Resize Thumbnail box if you want thewebconsole to automatically resize this image to fit the default image size.
  15. Click Save.
  16. Scroll down to the Upselling heading.
  17. In the Available Products box, all the Products that you have added to the Shopping Cart are listed. Click on a related product then click the right hand arrow. This tells the Shopping Cart that these two products are related, and a thumbnail of the related product will appear down the bottom of the Product Page.
  18. Click Save.

You have now finished adding a new Product to the Shopping Cart.


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