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Adding a New Category to Your Shopping Cart

You can organise your products by categories to make it easier for your online customer to find the product they're after. For instance, you may have an online clothing store, and categorise your products by Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing and Children's Clothing.

To Add a New Category to Your Shopping Cart:

  1. Click on the Shop Inventory tab in the left hand menu when you are logged into your Website account.
  2. Click on Product Categories.
  3. In the Add New Category field, type in the Name of the new category.
  4. You can also choose the Parent Category for this category to create a hierarchy of categories. For example, you might categorise tennis shoes by Sports Equipment > Tennis Equipment > Tennis Shoes.
  5. Click Add.

If you would like the category to appear in the menu, you can tick the category you want to add to the menu, and then click on Move To Menu. The drop down will display a list of possible places you can add the Category to including the Main Menu (the main menu of your website) and any other submenus you have on your website.

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