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Creating a Fastway shipping option in your Shopping Cart

By choosing to offer Fastway to your online shoppers as a shipping option, you will providing them with an immediate and accurate shipping cost. Like Australia Post, you do not need a Fastway account to add Fastway shipping to your Shopping Cart. However, we do recommend that you contact Fastway and register an account for yourself.

Creating a Fastway shipping option:

  1. Click on Shop Settings when you are logged in to your website account.
  2. Click on Shipping.
  3. Click edit next to the Shipping Zone you wish to add Fastway Shipping to. 
  4. Click the Shipping Methods tab and then click Add a Shipping Method.
  5. Give the method a Name. We recommend you call this Fastway.
  6. Give the method a Description.
  7. Select Enabled to allow you shoppers to choose this option.
  8. Select whether or not tax is disabled.
  9. Add any Handling Costs you want.
  10. Choose whether or not to Add padding to package
  11. In the Method Type dropdown, select Fastway.
  12. Under the heading Fastway Settings, select the Delivery Types you want to offer to your shoppers. They will be prompted to select their prefered option in the checkout.
  13. Choose whether you want their goods packed in a single pack or multiple packs in the Packing Method drop down menu.
  14. Choose which country and location you want to Send the Package From. This will be where your factory or storage warehouse is located.
  15. Click Save.

You have now given your online shoppers the option of choosing Fastway shipping for their orders.

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