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Adding a Gift Voucher to your Shopping Cart

Gift Vouchers are always a popular option. Take advantage of the Christmas and Birthday market by offering Gift Vouchers to your online customers.

To add a Gift Voucher:

  1. Click on the Shop Settings tab when you are logged into your Website Account.
  2. Click on the Gift Vouchers tab.
  3. Click Add New Gift Voucher.
  4. Give the Gift Voucher a Name and SKU (this will be the unique ID for the gift voucher and is required).
  5. Give the Voucher an Amount in Australian dollars. This is the value of the Voucher (ie. $40 will give the voucher recipient $40 value in your store).
  6. The Price is the cost of the voucher for the purchaser. This will usually be the same price as the Amount, but it needn't be. For instance, you may like to have a special that allows people to purchase a $40 gift voucher for $30, and in fact, this can often be a very effective marketing campaign as a percentage of voucher sales may never be cashed in.
  7. Choose the expiry duration for the Voucher by selecting from the Expires Time
  8. Description allows you to add any further details about the voucher.
  9. Select whether the voucher is currently Active or not.
  10. Upload a picture of the Gift Voucher, or a related image, by clicking on Browse, finding the image on your computer and double clicking on it. A thumbnail of the image will appear below when the upload is successful.
  11. Select the Category for this Gift Voucher. This is the category the Voucher will appear in on your website (as long as the voucher is Active).
  12. In the Type field, you will choose whether this is Physical Voucher that will require shipping, or an emailed voucher.
  13. Select Return to this page.
  14. Click Save.
  15. Two new fields will appear below the form you just filled in. You are now going to create your individual vouchers that will be identifiable by there own unique codes. In the Amount of random codes to generate, type in the number of vouchers you would like to create. You can create more in the future, so don't worry if you think you might be underestimating the amount you may need.
  16. Click Generate Codes.

A table of vouchers, each with their own unique code, will appear and the Stockfield that we discussed earlier will become populated with the number of Vouchers you just created. You have now successfully created your Shopping Cart vouchers. You can stop here, or you can make changes to individual vouchers. For information on this, read the help article Editing an Individual Gift Voucher.

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