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RACAD Techs innovative web-to-print software solution to printers has launched distribution efforts in the UK via Transeo Media

Posted by Racad Tech on 19 May 2011

Toronto, May 19, 2011 - Over the last decade, RACAD Tech has been helping print companies like Print Three add real value to their business. The success of RACAD Tech's suite of web-to-print solutions, GoEpower, will now be felt in the UK with the partnership of technology distribution company, Transeo Media.

Transeo Media is a technology distribution company servicing the United Kingdom and Ireland, and offers a dynamic range of innovative software solutions, consultancy and specialist media to the digital print, marketing and photo finishing markets. The business was established in 2007 by Neil Bather and James Gray with one aim: to provide solutions to business owners that engender customer growth, loyalty and, ultimately, volume and profitability. Its core values embody mutual business growth through flexible and robust solutions with a key focus on customer service. Prior to the establishment of Transeo Media, the directors gained extensive industry experience in the pre-sales, sales and technical post-sales deployment of leading graphic arts solutions that has been a contributory factor in the success of the UK print industry today. Their UK head office is located in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, with satellite offices in the Midlands and the South.

"When we started looking to add to our product portfolio, we already understood the B2B web-to-print market, so we wanted to revisit it, except we could not find the right solution - until we met RACAD Tech" says Bather. "Our commercial and technical teams understand what customers need from a solution and when we asked our technical manager to look at RACAD Tech's GoePower web-to-print software and we were delighted with his report back that it ticked all our boxes from a features angle and offered much more. The GoePower customer benefit is a robust fully featured web-to-print system with an affordable flexible Saas business model."

RACAD Tech has serviced print businesses in Canada, the U.S. and Australia with a proven track record of launching innovative products to new markets. The management team at RACAD Tech is fully confident in moving forward in the UK and Ireland.

"We understand that selling technology goes hand in hand with providing excellent customer technical support." Bather continues. "Over the years, Transeo Media has grown a solid reputation in the market for the ongoing support levels offered. We have both office-based support staff as well as field-based to offer local responsive support. At Transeo Deploying a solution is far more than selling a license, we can offer the full package including business building consultancy to ensure the investment starts on the right track from day one."

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RACAD Tech, Inc. is committed to creating innovative and user-optimized Web applications for a diverse client base. With industry expertise, cutting edge technology, and proven solutions, RACAD is able to offer innovative software that meets the needs of clients and their customers. RACAD's recent developments include Web-to-print software services for the Graphics and Print industry. Their web-based products are also appropriate and affordable for a variety of other industries and businesses, regardless of their size.

Transeo Mediawww.transeomedia.com

Transeo Media is the leading UK supplier of Cross Media software and have recently added the new web-to-print product GoePower to their portfolio. GoePower is a product from Canadian software company RACAD Tech Inc. and offers print businesses with a rich template solution and a ready-to-go eCommerce site for those printers who want to be trading quickly and lack the resource to build from scratch.

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