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Racad Tech Integrates GoPrint2 to their W2P Shop and ePOWER platforms

Posted by Racad Tech on 22 June 2014

Veteran web developer and leading web to print innovator Racad Tech recently combined the GoPrint2 within their ePOWER and W2P Shop web to print platforms.

GoPrint2 is a convenient and easy-to-use custom-branded print driver that facilitates file transfers by expanding current file receiving capabilities and removing file size restrictions. This revolutionary software eliminates a significant number of complications associated with existing web to print solutions, and therefore ensures customers can quickly and easily submit their files to any participating printer or print shop with a few clicks.

GoPrint2 now complements other web to print solutions by bringing routing orders from other ordering platforms into a designated FTP folder, a designated production email and/or an MIS system. Print providers that have multiple locations for production and/or print brokers that are outsourcing their fulfillment can designate products to be fulfilled by a particular vendor or production facility.

Of course, the standard stand-alone components available through GoPrint2 still remain:

  • Free Printer's Website
  • PDF Print Driver
  • Desktop Courier
  • Custom Web Upload
  • Web PDF Conversion Engine
  • FTP Replacement for Printers

Learn more about the benefits of this exciting new web to print tool on GoPrint2's website.

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