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Racad Launches Web to Print Shop, an All-in-One Web to Print Solution for Printers

Posted by Racad Tech on 20 August 2014

Web to print innovator and veteran web developer Racad tech has rebranded and launched a brand new Web to Print resource for printers looking for the latest, most innovative web to print solutions available in the marketplace today. Web to Print Shop, launched in August 2014, is a one-site-offers-all solution for printers seeking cutting-edge web to print technology.

The developers at Racad Tech are the minds behind previous industry-standard web to print solutions such as GOePower and GoPrint2, uDraw and Online Sign Studio. Web to Print Shop takes all of Racad's web to print technologies and offers them as a single robust and efficient platform. Web to Print Shop allows you to develop a custom web to print solution by simply choosing the components you need as a standalone module or an integrated plug-in to a 3rd party system.

While this model effectively cannibalizes Racad's legacy web to print solutions, it promotes technological advancement in the web to print space and allows affordable investment by small and medium-sized businesses that are on a path to growth. This is consistent with Racad's business practices, which put the focus on helping printing businesses flourish in the web to print sphere.

The newly established web to print shop brand is an umbrella web to print service, offering every type of web to print solution printers could possibly need.

Some of the web to print solutions available through Web to Print Shop include:

  • Corporate branded web to print portals
  • Ecommerce web to print storefronts
  • Wordpress plugins compatible with existing websites
  • Other third party integration with existing website
  • An in-browser graphic designer with web to print capabilities
  • FTP, email and print driver based solutions
  • Variable data printing
  • Multi-location job routing
  • Customizable order production
  • Online price calculator and estimator

Learn more about the exciting new solutions available through Web to Print Shop atWebtoPrintShop.com.

Author:Racad Tech